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Seeing is believing when it comes to the beauty of the Middlesbrough city. You will feel healed at its natural places, celebrated at its clubs and pubs and wonder at its museums once you visit its destinations. There are so many adventures to accomplish in this city that it will take forever if we try to describe every detail about every place but allow us to describe some of the major attractions it provides. If you wish to visit any of the places below along with your large travelling crew, we are always ready at Coach Hire Middlesbrough with our 25 Seater and 26 seater coach hire to serve you with perfection.

Larger travelling crews need the bigger destination to explore and one of the most appropriate places in such case would be the Newham Grange Country Farm especially if there are kids in your crew. There is a lot of space to walk around and park your cars so you will not feel suffocated like other small indoor destinations. You can see a variety of animals like cows, sheep, pigs, goats and horses being fed here.

There are also few adventures for kids like jumping on the balloon. The adults can enjoy lunch and beverages while walking around the farm. It will take around 5 ours to enjoy the beauty and adventures of this place. You can also take your kids to the Our Funhouse after this. At Coach Hire Middlesbrough, we will assist your travelling crew all the way with our 25 Seater and 26 seater coach hire services.

Another huge destination to visit is Seal Sands Nature Reserve and as the name suggests, this place actually contains the colony of seals at the Hartlepool and there are various spots from where you can have a clear look at seals. This place also has a large number of footpaths for you to walk comfortably while exploring and all of them are in good condition.

Your travelling crew will certainly enjoy the aquatic views and beauty of the seal colony at this place. There are dozens of other places to explore in the Middlesbrough city like the Stewart Park, the Doorman Museum, the Roseberry Topping, the Middlesbrough Theatre and the RSPB Saltholme. At Coach Hire Middlesbrough, we know all the details about such places and we can also take your travelling crew to anywhere you wish with our 25 Seater and 26 seater coach hire services. Allow us to describe the benefits you derive by our .

Our pushback leather seats are as comfortable as you would expect and our 25 Seater and 26 seater coach hire services have also ensured the safety of our passengers by having skilful drivers and durable seatbelts. The storage are enough to keep all of the luggage of your travelling crew. We have separate storage provision for your fragile items and the like the Wi-Fi connection and the power sockets to charge your phones are free during the journey.

There are overhead racks to keep your mini bags near to you so you can reach them anytime you need. We have a very simple booking procedure and you can contact us by any medium of communication like telephone, email, fax, or mobile phone. Serving our customers with satisfaction is our motto and you can ask any question you have in mind about Coach Hire Middlesbrough or our 25 Seater and 26 seater coach hire . So just plan your next journey and leave the rest to us. We will be waiting eagerly to serve you. Have a nice day and bon voyage.